Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah, I know... it's been a long time, BUT change has been in the air and I've actually stayed with something long enough that I might get to do something really really neat at work.

Our operations manager quit about a month ago and all of a sudden many, MANY ideas, options, and jobs are all of a sudden able to come to fruition. Long story short, Amber and I are going to be piloting a study and working as much as we can (while still staffing) in the ER to see where our impact will be. Both of us are bound and determined to present fool-proof data that proves that a pharmacist in the ER will prevent medication errors, will improve time to first antibiotic (neonatal fever, neutropenic fever), reduce missing meds, reduce the phone calls, improve nursing/pharmacy relations, as well as provide a face for pharmacy in the ER. I am really excited. I cannot wait to put my mark on this hospital and to make a difference. YES!

Also on the home front, I have completed the tiling of my bathroom. With the help of my brother, Brian. Czech it!

Just beginning the process. The red floor is actually a water-proof membrane that is called Red-Guard. It's pretty neat stuff!

This is the back corner where the bathtub is sitting. Brian and I decided to make all the funky/tiny cuts back here b/c no one will see them with the tub right on them! No grout yet :(

Here is the bathroom sans toilet, sink, mirror, fun stuffs BUT the grout is DONE!
Yay bathroom! Haven't sealed the toilet to the floor and the sink isn't bolted to the wall and the floor, yet. This is the dry run. The tub isn't plumbed yet either.

Yes, I know this one is on it's side. It's called poor planning on my part. Oh well, you get the idea. :) This tub is an original antique cast iron tub. It's super awesome, in great shape, and best of all.... it is already in my bathroom awaiting my plumbing!!! YAR!

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