Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm also looking at updating and doing SOMEthing with the kitchen.... color schemes? I don't know... These are the colors of my living room (Organic Green) and then blue (something...) in the Dining room. It's usually not this messy, but I was painting. The kitchen is on the other side of this blue room... no dividing wall so I'm really having a hard time determining what color to make it.. don't want anyone having a seizure when they walk into the house. I am thinking of painting the kitchen white... or maybe just leaving it light yellow for now as I am TOTALLY burned out on painting. I am currently thinking vintage red as an accent color.My brother bought me this poster for Christmas -- it is AWESOME! and the inspiration for my color selection. :) Currently it is in a black frame with a black border.... but I'm thinking ornate white... We'll see..and I love how kitschy this looks!! So clean, too!And I wish I could have a pink kitchen. I really love love love love pink.. :) xoxo

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