Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm going to try to become a better blogger this year. I'm just so hit-and-miss with this because I'm so busy everywhere else.

The jobfront: Work is a PAIN. I really need to focus on finding a job that I like and won't lie to me about how awesome it is -- and then I get there and it's a freaking train wreck -- has been a train wreck, and that this situation is NOTHING new. Ugh. Oh well, it's a paycheck and it's not all that challenging (isn't that sad?)

Here are some pictures of my house prior to me buying it. :) It makes me really happy to see where it has been and where it is now. I kind of liked it yellow --- now that it's all gone ha!

Life is life right now. Still dating the boy. He is really a good thing for me. Keeps me on my toes, challenges me, and he is always coming up with good ideas to all my lofty plans. PLUS he keeps me grounded. He's great to have around! :)

The dogs are doing great ... which brings me to this past month. It's been rough emotionally. My foster Voltaire was put down.... on a Tuesday which was incredibly hard for me. He had some sort of CNS infection or something-or-other and he had to be admitted to the vet hospital overnight for 3 days --- was on iv steroids and a puppy fluoroquinolone... odd? I thought that he might have Valley Fever -but one would not treat that with a FQ --or would they?

Anyhow, he came home to me on a steroid taper and after a week of taper, he wasn't improving we went back to our vet and at that point, the only humane thing we could do for Voltaire was to put him down. It was very traumatic for me. This was on a Tuesday.

I then get a telephone call from Mom that night that Grammy was in the hospital -- everything was ok, but they admitted her to work her up to see why her circulation was just not good. Mom was expecting to take Grammy home on Thursday or Friday and not to worry, just a heads-up.

Well Mom was supposed to call me Wednesday night to tell me the details etc.... Wednesday morning I'm at work and I see Mom's # come up on my cell phone.. at 10am. OK WEIRD. So I answer her call and she's talking very fast and is concerned about Grammy. I guess the Dr's gave her a few liters of fluid last night to clear her out and decrease her SCr from 1.2 -- well at 4am she took a turn for the worse and her SCr bumped up to about 3-ish. She was having tummy pain, so mom got some morphine for her, it was horrible. I called Auntie I and told her to come to my house --- DON"T CALL MY MOM, just get your fannie to my house b/c your mom is very sick

We got the text from Brian while we were in the airport that Grammy was having some weird ECG's and her heart rate was slowing and just being weird. She died as he sent me the text. Then Sean called me and told me that Grammy had passed, and I asked to talk to Brian --hand the phone over to Brian. Well, Brian was ccrying and couldn't talk, so that sent me over the edge.
I didn't even make it home to say goodbye to my only grandma. It sucks. I'm still pretty upset about it.

She died that following Thursday. What a rough week!

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