Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have decided that work is for ninnies & I would much rather just sit around eating celery and finding time to work out as opposed to work.

This is the tilework that I am obsessed with putting into my master bath: (left)

SO I went to World of Tiles & bought 2" hexagonal tiles, 6x6 tiles & 3x6 subway tiles all in Matte Arctic White. Plus matte black facings. This is my template. We'll see how it turns out. :) Yay! $2,000 worth of yay, I hope that I can actually lay all of it and not end up screwing everything up...

I love how this (above) bathroom looks as well. I think I am going to try to use a very pale gray as a wall color and I'd love to get a newer and much larger window. Look how pretty those fresh flowers look! I love fresh flowers!

Now where can I find this pretty, old, (emphasis on the old portion) cast iron, original, white, clawfoot bathtub?!?!? These things are SO difficult to find anywhere in Phoenix. I keep finding tubs that are so dinged up or rusted out that it wouldn't even be worth it to have them refinished. The problem is that I really do not want to go with fiberglass OR get a brand new one. I like the idea of having an old tub with a story. Sounds so romantic.

For tomorrow, tasks include:

Clean out storage shed.
Break down horrible huge bed.
Demo out toilet and sink
Remove storage 'thing' in master bath. Call a tree trimming place

I sure hope that I am able to get all those things done tomorrow...

Speaking of romantic, I LOVE these hanging flower holders.... I would like to do this in some room in my house as well and why not the bathroom?!

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